Tips for backpacking travel to Danang

Danang city lures tourist by the pristine beaches, majestic forest, delicious dishes as well as the friendly locals.

Backpacking tour to Danang will be an unforgettable experience. Your trip is expected to be perfect if you find out some information about this city such as sight-seeing or specialties.

The below is our list of useful information for backpacking tour to the beautiful city of Danang.

1. Transportation

It is easy to travel to Danang by train, bus or airplane with different pros and cons. Depending on your hobby and specific situation, you can choose the most suitable kind of transport.

Public Transport

The tickets can be bought in bus and gas station or ticket office nationwide. Travelling by bus is also a good idea, however, its back shortcoming is not convenient and not fast.

Private Transport

The kind of private transport is only suitable for close trips those having experiences. Travelling by motorbike will leave you with interesting feelings of comfortably watching the landscapes or halting to take rest.

Motorbike is the suitable kind of transport for backpackers 

2. The best time for visiting Danang

The city of Danang welcomes you at any time. You should not come here in rainy or storm season. The best time to have good trip in Danang is from February to August with nice weather and no storm.

3. Accommodations

Before beginning, you are advised to find out accommodation which is comfortable and suitable for your situation. First, you had better choose the hotel or resort that you will stay at, then, check the information and its dress via the website.  Google Maps or dulichdanang.vn are highly recommended to check the hotel’s position. You can select hotel in inner city or seaside resorts, each of them has different pros and cons.

The prices are different depending on the service, facility or kind of rooms. Checking the price should be added into list of priorities.

Hoa Phuong Motel and Cong Doan Hotel are popular for backpackers at reasonable prices (from 80,000 to 20,000 VND/person)

4. Danang’s Specialties

Danang has good reputation for cuisine. The popular dishes are pork and vegetables wrapped in soft rice paper, Nam O fish salad, Quang noodles, Cau Mong barbequed veal and so on.

Enjoy delicious dishes in Danang

Son Tra Peninsula together with charming beaches

5. Destinations

Danang is named “the city of bridge”. Among them, the most famous ones are Han River Swing Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly and Thuan Phuoc Bridge. It is exciting to watch the Han River Swing Bridge from 0 to 1 am while the fire and water-breathing Dragon Bridge will amaze you at 9 pm at weekends. Besides, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is compared with the ribbon across Han River and Tran Thi Ly is the sail of Da Nang city. These bridges are sparkling at night, attracting people’s attention.

Danang-the city of bridges

For those who want to discover Vietnamese traditions, the ancient Tuy Loan Village or Phong Nam Village are hot spots. Other well-known ones are Cam Ne mat-making village, Cam Le Sesame cake village or Non Nuoc Sculpture village.

Moreover, temples or pagodas with old architectures attract a sizeable number of visitors; for example, Tuy Loan Communal House, Bo Ban Temple, the Qua Giang Family Chapel, Hai Chau Communal House, Linh Ung Pagoda, Dien Hai Citadel,…

Below mentioned places are both domestic and international tourists’ favorite ones: Cham Museum, Han Market, Ba Na Hills or Son Tra Peninsula.

We – Dulichdanang.vn hope you have a good time in our city!

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